About Us

I’m John Gamble, Co-owner of CrazyRoids.com. I created this site to provide as much accurate information as possible about legal steroids (both positive and negative).

My team and I are unbiased and straight talking. Our aim is to attract a health conscious following with the desire to achieve amazing results from training hard, sticking to the facts and taking Bro-Science for what it is, an opinion.

Anabolic steroid alternatives have helped me to achieve amazing results over the years. However there are dangers and risks. For one, they are illegal, they also come with significant health risks and the ultimate reason for this site is to educate our visitors so they can make a balanced decision. We do not undertake this lightly.

We do not buy or sell legal steroids on this website but we do promote buying legal supplements instead of illegal anabolic steroids.

We always like to hear from you, so if you any questions about this site or legal steroids in general, feel free to contact us and one of us will reply.

Stay safe,

John Gamble

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